CMGAB distributes winter clothes among the needy

来源:CCVA作者: Ariful Haque时间:2018-03-22
CMGAB distributes winter clothes among the needy:
Dr. Ahmed Sharif, Dhaka
On 22 nd December 2017 with an aim of helping the poor and the needy, Chief convener Dr. Abu Kausar (Shapan), Joint conveners Dr. Nahid Reza, Dr. Noshin Anjum, Dr. Fatema Akter, Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, Dr. Ashab Uddin Al Raiyan and Dr. Ahmed Sharif along with volunteers Dr. Oyon Reza and Dr. Aditya of the Chinese medical graduates association of Bangladesh (CMGAB) have distributed Blankets, winter clothes around different places in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. Donations were given by the members of the association both present in Bangladesh and in China.
Debuted on the 1st December 2017, CMGAB has been formed with an effort to connect the Chinese medical graduates, strengthen cooperation at it’s limit between the two Governments, bridge between Bangladeshi and Chinese medical advancements and involvement in different social welfare activities. Since it’s inception, this has been the first event by the Association. Dr. Shapan said alongside treating the patients they expect to hold more of such campaigns promoting health and social welfare.

Edited by
Ariful Haque
Coordinator of China Volunteers Association, Culture and Art Committee


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