Shunno Foundation

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Shunno Foundation
                     Chandrima Das


It is a non political and non Government, voluntary  organization for whom, the street has become his/ her habitual  abode and source of livelihood. Around 6 lakh 80 thousands  children in BD live on street. Most of them deprived from health care and education. Here SHUNNO FOUNDATION  is going to shed light for those helpless . 



We believe that vulnerable  children’s have hidden power to make a  powerful  country.  We can turn them as an asset of our country, such children those who are without protective family care or living in abusive household, in the street  or in the institutions, exploited for their labour or living with in fragile  family, facing a multitude  of risk posed by extreme  poverty, conflicts and disaster.



But surprisingly Shunno Foundation  is providing  enormous  support  to those kids as well as helpless  people by distributing food, clothing, free health medical  camp, health care services,  education  regarding hygiene and so on. Here most of the volunteers  are graduate /  undergraduate  from different  medical  colleges and universities. 



At the same time Shunno Foundation  is working by providing a positive  influence  for the development  of attitude , values and hidden talents.




Despite of limited resources  we are trying  to protect those  helpless  from violence,  exploitation and negligence. 

By rising your humanity  for  the helpless  and slight felicitation of Shunno Foundation  can be able to make symbol of excellence for the nation...


Edited by

Ariful Haque

Coordinator of China Volunteers Association of Culture and Art Committee 




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