1 Belt 1 Road-Mauritius Volunteer Registration

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1 Belt 1 Road-Mauritius Volunteer Registration Form


CHINA VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION (CVA), founded on April 26, 2011, is the national social organization led by the Ministry of civil affairs of People's Republic of China, and is the highest level Chinese volunteer organization. The Association Council is founded by eight Ministerial officials from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Education, the Central Civilization Office, the National Women's Federation, China Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the State Health and Family Planning Commission and China Red Cross, and the chairman is Zhou Tienong, the Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.


One Belt One Road Volunteer Center of China Volunteers Association will connect all the international volunteers with Chinese Volunteers, to promote the mutual communication and understanding, and help each other to build a better world as destiny partners.

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Welcome to join us! 

Click to Register as a Mauritius-China Volunteer

1 Belt 1 Road Mauritius Volunteer Projects:

  1. International Donation Plan-Mauritius Volunteers

  2. International Volunteer Ambassador Plan

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